School Infrastructure

The school maintains very high academic standards through the use of excellent infrastructure, top-notch faculty and modern educational technology. The School is proposed to be residential in nature with seperate hostels for boys and girls with all modern amenities and convenient options for weekday boarder.


The library of TKMCPS has been designed enlarged and modernized by the management of TKM Trust. The present library has a volume of 3280sq.ft and has all the facilities required for a perfect library. Students from grade 3-12 make use of the library from morning to evening. The school possesses a large library, divided into two floors, filled with thousands of books. The room is very large with bookshelves covering almost every wall .The library houses thousands of books ranging from factual to fictional ones. The lower floor contains books meant for the junior section whereas the upper floor consists of books reserved for the senior section and teachers. The variety of books covers a large number of genres-science fiction, novels autobiographies, short stories, travelogues, memoirs, detective fiction, poetry and so on. Apart from providing books of entertainment, the library also provides study materials like guides, question banks encyclopedias, dictionaries and reference texts. The entire collection of books is recorded, with transaction of books being based on card system. Well qualified librarians see to the full utilization of library during the allotted library periods on a period a week basis . It is open to students and staff 6 days a week. An inventory is carried out on a yearly basis .

We are proud of possessing rare and precious volumes on every topic which cannot be seen elsewhere. Many of our teachers refer books for eligibility test like SET and NET. Some of our students who had been selected for national scholarships are regular visitors to library. We have stocked the latest available books and guides for medical and engineering courses. About 300 students and the supporting staff engage the library throughout the working hours. The silent atmosphere, along with the aroma of fresh and new pages of new books, mixed with the antiquity of old ones, provides a perfect background to sit and read. The teachers and students are absolutely proud of having such a treasure at their arms length.

Computer Lab

TKM has one huge computer lab with 100 systems. Apart from theoretical knowledge imparted, students from lower classes are given basic understanding of functional aspects of computers and application of IT.


Physics, Chemistry, Biology & Computer

The laboratories are on par with international standards, providing space for every student, each having a work place, complete with the required instruments.

School Buses & School Store

The School Buses are available for conveying the children from various important points in an around the city.Students are advised to keep the school timings and wait atleast 5 minutes earlier at their respective boarding points.
The school campus has a multipurpose store which caters to the needs of the students ranging from stationery items of all kinds to academic materials at moderate rates.