Each drop in an ocean counts….

A Visit to the House of Hapless

Mushrooming of old age home is the latest contribution of growing nuclear families. Blindly led by lust for power and wealth, youngsters dump their parents here. Our visit to S S Samithi, Mayyanad was an eye-opener to the reality of world’s cruelties.
Around 100 students along with the Principal, Chief Co-ordinator and teaching faculty visited the old age home run by Francis Xaviour. The inmates were served lunch by the students who later joined them in. To enliven the gloomy atmosphere, our students entertained the inmates with their programmes. They too joined in showing their skills. We donated an amount of Rs 30,000 and provided a one day meal to the inmates.


Scimagia, the science exhibition, held in our school on 20 and 21 November 2012 added one more golden feather to the cap of TKMCPS. The exhibition was a two day programme with our school as venue. The depletion of energy resources at an alarming rate forces us to re think and reformulate our utility pattern. The topic for the exhibition was “Energy resources and Conservation” . About 30 schools participated and presented still and working models . TKMCPS stood second in category 3 still model of self sufficient village “Idyllic Spa” . To add colour to this mega event, we had 3 more stalls of ISRO, ANERT and a photo exhibition by Mr. Maniyappan.

Heritage club

Creating an awareness on the need of preserving the culture and heritage of our country serve as a backdrop to this endeavour . The club aims at fostering of art forms like Oppana , Thiruvathira, Kolkali etc. The above mentioned art forms are taught and trained by experts in the field. The students present them in the House Fest, Youth fest and state level competitions. A group of students did a PowerPoint presentation about different cultures, crafts, music, food, dress code etc. Students are taken to heritage sites to know more about the culture and lifestyle of different people.

NSS wing

Service to man is service to God- the main motive behind the NSS unit. Formally inaugurated on July 2012, the unit comprises of hundred volunteers from classes 8, 9 & 11. The first endeavour of the unit started with the tree plantation in collaboration with the department of social forestry. 
A medicinal garden with 75 different medicinal plants in the school campus was the next venture.
The volunteers take classes on the importance of eye donation, blood donation, organ transplantation, hygiene and environmental sanitation. They also visit backward villages and old age homes to lend a helping hand.

Onam –Ramzan – Christmas Celebrations

Onam celebration is organised with traditional dance forms like Thiruvathira, Pulikali, and harvest songs. A grand feast is provided to the teaching and non-teaching faculty. Floral arrangement competitions are organized house wise
Ramzan is celebrated in a grand manner. Traditional dance forms such as Oppana and Kolkali are the chief attractions of the day. Iftar party is conducted in the evening to break the fast during Ramzan . All the members of the teaching and non-teaching faculty, irrespective of religion, are invited to attend this party. 
X’mas celebration, which marks the birthday of Jesus Christ ,is celebrated in a grand manner. Carols and skits are presented by students. Cake cutting ceremony is yet another X’mas event.

Independence Day

Independence Day is celebrated by hoisting of the flag by the Principal in the presence of school band. After flag hoisting ceremony the Principal addresses the gathering. Students present patriotic songs and skits. Sweets are distributed after National Anthem.

Green school celebration

Gardening –A floral treat
With a view to blending a colourful ambience, the project of creating flower beds was undertaken. All the flowering plants are contributed by children themselves. Both indigenous and hybrid varieties are grown.

Traffic Awareness Class

Traffic Awareness Classes are launched by the traffic police in city schools to spread awareness on traffic rules. The cops said students are the best medium to spread traffic awareness among youth.In the traffic awareness class police encouraged children to follow traffic or further encourage their friends and relatives to follow the same while driving or walking.

A traffic awareness class in our school was conducted by Sri. Shanavas, DYSP, Kottarakkara. The students of class X & XI participated in the section. It was a nice experience for the students; they actively participated in the interactive section.

Other Activities

Integrity club

Sensitizing students on the importance of upholding high moral values and skills is the main aim behind this club. Counselling classes are conducted to bring in a sense of self esteem and self respect in students. A full time counsellor is also made available to the students.

Reading club

With the aim of fostering reading habits among students and to update their knowledge, reading club was started. The club commemorates the birthday of eminent writers. Moreover, newspaper quiz and book review competitions are organized. Book exhibition was conducted by Grand Books.

Visit to ISRO

About 1770 students were taken for an educational tour to ISRO, Tvm on 15th December 2012.

National integration day

Unity in diversity, being the motto of TKMCPS, National Integration Day is celebrated with to propagate the message of peace and harmony.

Quit India Day

A special assembly is conducted. Speeches, recitals , skits and tableaus are organised.

Eco Club

The eco club aims at promoting more accountability towards the environment and thereby our preserving Mother Earth.
Being sensitive to the total environment and its allied problem, building attitudes in order to acquire a set of values and feelings of concern to the environment, motivating active participation in environmental improvement are some of its objectives.

Visit to Red Ribbon Express

All the students of class XII and more than 25 teachers visited the Red Ribbon Express. The exhibition train was meant to propagate awareness about Aids. It was a nice experience for the teachers and one of students Hara S Jayan of class XII performed a monoact on the railway platform.

School Magazine

School magazine, brought out each year, is a gallery of lovely snaps and a potpourri of intellect and creativity. A huge canvas drawn with insight and embellished with ideas, it is nothing but a memoir of the bygone and an everlasting monument for a promising morrow.